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Are national bearings good?

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AZ vs National wheel bearing | Bob Is The Oil GuyAug 17, 2018 — National was a very good hub/bearing manufacturer in the USA but parts of it were bought by Federal-Mogul and now sold as Moog and made 

National Bearings VS Timkin Bearings | CK5 ForumsJan 26, 2011 — Be leary of any bearing made in China or Russia some Jap bearings are very good as well. Have you seen the China bearings with the plastic Any opinions on National vs. Timken bearings? |Apr 25, 2010 — Looks like I might have to replace the rear axle bearings on my 66 Riviera. Anyone have opinions on the different quality of bearing 

Are national bearings good?
  B d C S Z L J D
QVPA26V407SEO 65.1 mm - 41 kN - - 241 mm - -
F685zz, 16 mm - - - - - - -
681zz, 25 mm - 19.5 kN - - 158 mm 118 mm -
608, - - - 15.9 mm 18.9 mm - 119 mm -
QVPN15V207SO - - - - - - - -
QAP11A055SET - - - - - - - -
NJ307ET - - - - - - - 1.937 Inch | 49.2 Mi
NU406-M1 - 0.669 Inch | 17 Mill - - - - - -

National Bearings any good? May 9, 2014 — Considering that National bearings and seals have been around for DECADES, they must be decent. My father used them over 60 years ago, and so have I over the years. They seem to be popular up here in this area. I've used them on a few cars and never had an issue, seem good quality

Wheel Bearing Makers to Use/Stay Away From? - Ford TruckNTN are made in Japan and are a nice bearing, and I'm pretty sure they own Timken. No big issues these. Peer is China made junk. BCA is another excellent Japan bearingTimken vs National - Buick Reatta - Antique Automobile ClubNov 22, 2010 — Any comments on Nationals vs Timken ? The following may not be a good comparison of wheel bearings for the Reatta but I thought I would 

Are national bearings good?
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XMR8 AM-1016-15 9111PP 2MMV9317HXVVSULFS637 QVPG20V308SEO
XML8 AM-1214-14 9110KD 2MMV9318HX DUL QVPH17V300SO
XFR8 AM-1214-9 9111K 2MMV9318HX DUM QAP18A304SO
XML8S AM-1214-12 9111KDD FS899E 2MMV9317HXVVDULFS637 QVPG15V207SO
XML7 AM-1016-30 9109PP 2MMV9317HX DUL QVPG20V307SEO
XMR7S AM-1016-10 205PP12 2MMV9317HX SUM QVPN17V300SO
XMR7-8S AM-1016-8 9108PP 2MMV9317HX SUL QAP18A304SB
- AM-1016-16 205PP11 2MMV9317HX DUM QVPA26V408SEO
- - - 2MMV9316HXVVSULFS637 -

Technical - Is there any good quality wheel bearings beingMay 17, 2018 — Are they ball bearings, or tapered roller bearings? Tapered roller bearings are designed to run a tad loose, in front wheel bearing applications. I Are "National" brand bearings any good? - Matthews Volvo SiteYes, National bearings should be pretty good. They are identical to Moog bearings, which in general is a reputable brand. - Jesse. 1998 S70 T5 

National or Timken? - Turbo Mopar ForumsSo, I was trying to check up and see which wheel bearings I put on the GTC last year. Turns out that I installed National, Part #513075 from Customer reviews: National 510056 Wheel Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for National 510056 Wheel Bearing at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our 

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